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On this page you can take a look at custumer specific intake manifolds.
Mainly our manifolds consist out of CNC-machined parts which are handwelded (TIG).

Manifolds kan vary from CV-carb conversion manifolds to ITB and Turbo-plenum manifolds.

We are currently testing out some 3d-printed manifolds which are made from fibre-reinforced plastic. Besides that some tests are taking place on aluminium baseplate carbonfiber runner manifolds, with which we have massive form flexibility and we are able to glue the manifolds together in stead of welding.

Our CV-carb conversion kits are produced in small series. For each VAG-engine we offer a specific manifold-carb combo with which we can ensure a proper function and the best results. We're happy to advice our costumers on their conversion projects. Due to the possible large variations in carbs and therefor manifolds we can't offer custom manifolds for the same price as the serie produced one's.


Every cv-carb conversion kit sold by us includes full service and support. We do not offer free support on DIY kits.

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