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Product: Dub-sport TFSI turbo to 20vt head adapter kit.

Make/Model: VAG group 4-cyl. 20vt engines

The new 2.0 TFSI/TSI engines are robust engines with lots of power potential. The main reason of this potential are the well designed K03 and K04 turbo's. These turbo's are actually re-engineered versions of the turbo's found on the older 20vt engines. These older turbo's limited performance to around 200HP for the K03 version and 290HP for the larger K04 version. 

The aim was to get a TFSI turbo to fit to a 20vt head. So development was started by sourching an old 20vt head and a TFSI turbo. After translating al measurments to a digital CAD model it was clear that a sandwhich contruction was the best way to go. A prototype was machined from plastic because plastic is a cheap alternative to check if everything would actually fit and to develop the rest of the parts to create a plug&play kit.

The only thing left was to produce a actual metal adapter, source the right gaskets and built it together on a test-engine and dyno it to see how much potential this kit has.


After all the development and testing we have created a plug&play kit which provides a real bang for your buck for a standard of the shelf OEM turbo.


K03: 320HP for the K03 version with a early spool.

K04: 360HP with decent spool.

Hybrids will easily break the 400HP barrier.


Costs; €375,- for the complete adapter kit.